The Nuances of Healing

Posted on Nov 4, 2014


Photo from Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2014 

Healing is such a mystery in so many ways, mostly because it cannot be seen and yet the impact of healing cannot be denied. Its effects are far reaching and for me, the key to the transformation that many people seek and yearn for in their lives.

I’m often asked what kind of healing I do. There are many names out there and yet I’m not sure it matters. The high vibrational energies that come to and through me do their work based on how open and receptive the client is. That is, the more the client can relax, the easier it is for the energy to go in and impart its healing qualities. It heals based on where the client is in their life in the present moment, takes into account how much a client can cope with and starts with what is crucial for the person in the current moment. The healing energy is incredibly intelligent and knows exactly where to start to heal so that the client can, almost immediately, start to feel a sense of peace and letting go.

May be the thing worth knowing about the healing energy is that it is a channelled healing energy. This means that with all the clearing and removing of old blocks I have allowed in my own body, during my own development and growth process, the easier it is for me to put myself aside and just let the energy flow through to do its work – I am in no way directing it, I simply host it☺

Healing is a deep process and that is the reason for its lasting impact and transformational qualities. Over time, it addresses both physical and emotional imbalances in the body. It can literally cancel, remove and delete old ideas that no longer serve a person. You could say it transplants a seed of health, hope and love, that grows the more you pay attention to what is happening within you.

A typical healing session includes a therapeutic dialog so as to ascertain why you have come to a healing session and what is going on in your life currently that may be causing stress or imbalances. Over time the energies continue to work on you and so a period of releasing takes place. This releasing differs from person to person and in term of gradients of intensity. It is wise to work with a healer during a 6-12 month period to have proper support and guidance during what can be an intensive period, as old wounds get healed.

The effects of healing are far reaching. Mostly because you start to become aware of the way you interact with yourself and others. When this happens you also start to change these interactions for the better, the healing literally propels this. This will be noticeable in nearly all relationships – firstly with yourself, romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, and relationships with family, friends and co-workers. When you are ready to meet the world within you, which is just as rich, deep and amazing as the world around you, healing starts to happen. THIS is the type of healing, together with the high vibrational energies that I open up to and offer!