Rama Thea

Psycho-Spiritual Therapist

One of the things that touch me deeply is the courage I get to witness through my clients. Ordinary people (in reality heroes!) who are dealing with all kinds of families, relationships, careers and all the challenges and upsets these sometimes bring. I am deeply moved by the willingness of clients who wish to bring a change into their lives so they may live in peace, love fully and be completely, truly themselves.

I get to witness what it looks like when people face their fears, speak their truth, cry their tears and start, often slowly, to turn towards themselves to love and embrace the deepest parts of themselves. It is an honor for me to hear so many and sometimes heart-wrenching, stories. It is an honor to hold this space, so you may heal.

What I get to witness is real life. It is full of chaos, beauty, tears, pleasure and much, much more. It is why we are here, to share ourselves, from the core of ourselves, with each other.

To release my own wounds and suffering has been a gradual and an on-going process for me. I have met struggles and hardships in this life and I have overcome many major hurdles, among them, very low self-esteem. What I have noticed is that dealing with difficulties becomes easier and things move quicker through me. I have had wonderful guidance and support along the way and it is this gift, combined with my years of experience of working with clients that I wish to offer to you. One thing I have heard again and again from clients is that they can feel I listen deeply to them and they feel supported.

Some of the most powerful ways I have been able to process my own emotional blockages have been through psycho-therapy, meditation & healing, listening to insights during these power practices and writing or journaling them so I could work through them, process and heal. Dancing and dance meditation have also been a key factor in releasing old patterns from my body and memory. I encourage you to find your own creative outlet and really give your feelings a space.

I was born in the UK, am of Indian origin and I have lived in Denmark since 1996. I am happily divorced and we are the proud parents of a gorgeous daughter. I am fluent in Danish. I love life, I love to chant, dance, to do yoga and walking in beautiful natural areas recharges me.

Meditation and keeping company with high vibrational energies, archangels and ascended masters is a constant pastime.

I would describe myself as passionate and as having a natural curiosity about life and people.

I invite you to contact me if you have any questions about something you have read on this site or if a curiosity has awoken in you and you would like to know more – more about yourself and more about your soul which dearly yearns to unfold itself in full expression!

From my heart to yours, love and light,
Rama Thea



  • Channeling & Deep Healing Practices, Sisselmaya Øster, 2014-ongoing DK
  • Psycho-Spiritual Therapy Sisselmaya Øster, 2010-2013 DK
  • Clairvoyance training, Kenneth Pallier, 2006 DK
  • ICF approved Professional Coach Certificate from Coaches Training Institute, 2004 UK
  • Leadership Education, Coaches Training Institute, 2005, USA
  • Psychology Education, 1990 UK and 2003 DK
  • Voices 360® Feedback Accreditation, 2008, UK
  • Succession Architect® Certification, 2008, UK
  • Insights® Discovery Accreditation, 2007, DK
  • Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer, 2006, DK
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certification, 2003, DK
  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Information Systems Design, 1994 UK

Professional Career
I have gained more than 10 years experience working on Danish and International assignments as:

  • Business & Life Coach
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Personal Development Trainer
  • Workshop Facilitator