Please, let me hold you

Posted on Aug 14, 2015

I hear the voices your eyes convey
The shrieks
The cries
The pleas
The seldom highs
The madness locked, misunderstood, denied
Moving around in a world of tears
Shed in secret, dark, contained spaces
Expressed to others with reserve and finesse
What a shamble, an outward show!
Hidden away are mountains of grief
Unconnected dots of how life has been mean

A pressure is building
A butterfly trapped

I reach out my arms in open embrace
I see you my darling
I see your grace
I see the desperation of a life unchanging

Take a step towards your calling
Take a step towards freedom and flight
Let yourself fall like a heavy stone
Into these arms
Claimed by continents and oceans alike

Release the sadness
Allow the surfacing of your pain

I’ve got you my darling
A soft landing’s my name
I’m human, I’m here
My touch, a guarantee from your fear
I see you so deeply, words can’t describe

How much of you is already known?
How many shields have you outgrown?

Take a step towards your future
There is no boulder
Only my shoulder
Here for you to rest
So the healing can finally manifest
Do nothing my darling
Let the fires of your past burn
Let my silence see you
Let your howling heal you