Noticing Your Unique Universal Signs

Posted on Jul 23, 2015

You know the feeling. You’re minding your own business, getting on with whatever is at hand right now and suddenly you pause because you see, hear or feel something quite distinct and wonder, what!??? It’s something you recognise but sometimes you’re not quire sure why; other times you are in no doubt, this is not a coincidence. It’s a sign. These are times when signs are in your face, very direct and if you dare to feel deeper into them, you know the message that is coming to you.

The whole idea behind noticing signs is essentially a way to be completely present with where you are right now and to allow yourself to be uniquely guided and opened. At the same time it holds that glorious element of bringing answers, awareness or clarity to something you have been leaning towards in your life.

When we are not fully present we can often miss signs, and that’s ok. There are also reasons for that; the most prominent being that we are simply not ready for the sign the universal energy is bringing us. A good exercise is to reflect back on some changes that have taken place in your life in the last couple of years. Now go further back in time and see whether you notice any signs that were made available to you a long time before you took any form of action. The expression: ‘it’s always easier with hindsight’ is very true! Often times, when a desire resides deep in our hearts for change, clarification or insight on an aspect of our life – an answer will come and repeatedly.

I’ve heard people say; well you can find a sign in everything! Maybe. It’s all about your perception of events and it’s up to you how you interpret them, but by and large my experience is that when something resonates on a deeper level, the meaning of the sign goes much deeper than what the mind might want to or can make up about a situation. I avidly believe that we are constantly being guided towards a meaningful life, both so our earthly needs and our soul needs can be met.

What qualifies as a sign? They are often things you see, hear or feel repetitively over a relatively short period of time. For example, you may overhear a conversation about a hobby that you’ve always had an interest in but never pursued, then you see it promoted in your local area and later it appears in a dream. All of these are clear signs for you. Or you run into the same stranger several times in one day – may be there is something he or she is here to share with you or vice versa. Signs can also appear in the form of clear words or pictures when you are deeply engaged with something and therefore, relaxed or when you are in meditation. The thing to remember is that signs are unique to you as you are the one noticing their presence. No one else has to understand them. In general avoid putting too much mind effort into them; allow yourself to feel into the truth of what is being relayed. You certainly don’t have to act on it immediately, and most times it’s probably best not to.

When I started to channel and was getting to know the high vibrations that were speaking through me, I noticed how certain number formations kept showing up everywhere I went. Further investigation (books by Lars Muhl and Dorren Virtue) led me to understand the secret messages behind numbers and these messages continue to coincide perfectly with where I feel the universal energy wants me to open up and express, both in my writing and with the people I meet. A painting of a woman from the 1600s grabbed my attention on more than one occasion and when I meditated on it I saw myself from an earlier life and intuited creative resources that I had completely denied myself in this life. On healing the traumas associated with using these abilities I have been able to access a deeper love for myself. This is just a drop in the ocean of how signs can lead to healing.

Play with the concept of signs. The more you’re able to notice signs for what you already know to be true for you, the more adapt you will become at deciphering the somewhat trickier and more subtle signs that appear. Noticing this universal energy and intelligence enables us to grow, to trust in our inner knowing and to live more from a heart space.

A Personal Story

At the end of 2010 I decided, finally, to get a divorce. It was an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. My ex-husband has always been a good friend and confidant and so there were many reasons, in my mind, for not leaving the marriage. However, during that year I received three concrete signs. The first was I suffered a forth miscarriage; and try as we might, we were probably not going to make our way back from this setback. This was not meant to be.

Later in the year we had an opportunity to buy a house. All the paperwork and investigations were prepared and all I had to do was sign, but I just knew I couldn’t and so without really knowing why, I didn’t, leaving us dangling. For some this may have been sign enough but I wasn’t ready.

Some months later, my mother passed away and I heard her voice coming to me clearly – “I didn’t have a choice but you do”. This was the sign that triggered me to start a process of separating our lives. With hindsight it is the best gift we gave each other, to cherish the time we have had but acknowledging that our paths were calling us in different directions. This has enabled us to stay friends, genuinely support each other and to form a new type of friendship. These sign,s and the actions I took, have encouraged me to move towards what is clearly my heart’s calling.

 7 ways to work with universal signs

Ask for a sign

This is the easiest way to ensure you get a sign. You can ask for a sign about anything and everything, nothing is too trivial. You can ask as often as you like. If you are not sure whether something you have experienced was a sign to your request then ask for a clearer sign. Keep the request simple. Lastly, be prepared that signs for questions you have not asked about may also appear; this is because they exist in your energy field. Enjoy the mystery of these occurrences.

Be gentle with yourself

There will be times when you purposely ignore signs you are being shown. Sometimes by acting in complete opposition to what is being revealed to you or by doing nothing. You’re not ready, be gentle with yourself. This is what makes us human and it also brings incredible growth when you are honest with yourself. It is essential to acknowledge how you feel about a situation even though you are not ready to more forward. Being hard with yourself for not acting on want you know to be true serves no one. On the contrary, it is damaging for your soul.

 Allow yourself be led and let it unfold naturally

The difficulty can lie in acting on a message that comes to us. We have asked for transparency and truth about something and now the answer has arrived. What to do? Firstly, take a deep breath and take a moment to acknowledge what you know to be your truth. In this place of pause there is monumental growth and empowerment. Your sign is a reflection of something you have always known on a deeper level.

Then allow yourself to take it slow. Things don’t have to go fast, especially if there are big, life changing steps on the way. Allow yourself to take one day at a time. This way you will be led calmly. You don’t have to have the full picture in this very moment. If your life is starting to unravel, as can be the case when working with your internal spiritual growth, then pace yourself, trust that you are being led, naturally. This ensures you are able to integrate the learning, always have a sense that you are a part of the process and it allows you to build a solid new foundation for yourself.

Not every sign will require an action from you

Some signs that appear again and again are merely reminders from the universal energy that it hears you, that it is with you and that all is well. These signs are to confirm what you already know or to cheer you on exactly where you are. They are also there to comfort you in trying and changing times. These are especially reassuring and so taking a moment to notice them can shift something within you which often allows healing to take place.

Trust in your sign

Accept the truth of what is being shown to you, this may take time, Many times our signs encourage growth and expansion and so a sense that this is pushing you out of a comfort zone is very common. Give yourself time. Your sign is uniquely meaningful just for you. Nobody else has to understand it, you don’t have to explain it and you certainly don’t have to justify it. The same sign can come to several people but the interpretation is always unique to each individual soul.

You don’t have to seek the signs

Signs will arrive when you least expect them and without any prompting from you. In fact seeking them out hinders the process, we are often seeking with our mind and it is the heart and soul to which the universal energy communicates. So a gentle, soft awareness is all that is required.

Keep a record

Jot down or record important signs for you. You may forget them later and it’s exhilarating to be able to go back to your journal or telephone and realise that something was revealed may be months or even years prior to you seeing it clearly and acting on it.

Wishing you lots of peace and clarity!