Longing for Truth

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Sometimes it’s not easy to know that you long for truth. Instead what you may notice is a restlessness, this could be to try something new or simply an uneasy feeling in your body that won’t go away. I see this as a calling to listen to your body, which can be done in several ways. The easiest is to sit quietly, close your eyes and let the feeling in you body get bigger, and then ask yourself: “What is this?”. You may be surprised by the answer. Or you may even be alarmed – it may be a request to change something big or try something big. This is what I call a longing for truth. However, because it can be quite scary sometimes to listen, you may deny that it was there and go back to living with the unease, restlessness or even depression in some cases.

A longing for truth resides in all of us. A desire to feel that all is well, that you live in alliance with what feels right for you without having to constantly compromise or set aside your needs until a later date. A longing for truth is the recognition that there is something more than what you are experiencing in your everyday right now. A longing for something real – a real dialogue with someone, a feeling of being seen for exactly who you are and not for what you do or don’t do, a desire to tap into something deeper within you, even though you don’t know what that is today – you know that it’s there. All of these are signs that you long for your truth.

Just for today, dare to look inside, close you eyes and simply ask “what is this?” and keep your eyes closed and continue breathing until an answer comes. It won’t come from your mind, because that is not where truth resides, you are asking your body, so hearing an answer from your body may take time. Ask, wait and hear what your body is telling you today – this is YOUR truth.